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Dear visitors,

Our gallery offers you only the elect, and in our opinion the best works of art.

We are constantly updating collection of paintings by taking into account the wishes.

You have the opportunity to purchase your favorite picture of you in the form of a mini copy in Ramer A4 execution on the canvas.

Manufacturing technology:

1. Computer processing.
2.The press original paints on a canvas.
3. Manual operational development of a picture by a brush, paints and various varnishes to a condition of museum level.

With the account of prevalence of manual work to 70 %, the minicopy gets own value.

Complexity of manufacturing of a copy defines price cost.

Asterisks under the picture will show
the degree of complexity and the approximate price in €
(Need to click on the picture of the increase)

*  **  ***  ****

Paintings without stars or may not be copied or negotiated separately after consultation with the legal owner of this picture.

You can order a baguette for a picture in section Frames.

Yours faithfully, site administration

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